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Hoyo 8

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This trail requires lots of skills and physical effort. This route rests on the side of a cliff that creates a wind shadow, because of that the area has no much wind flow. This trail is covered by tall trees, so there is no need for sun tan lotion. But again... there is no much wind flowing, and this place is very humid, you will sweat like.... well ... a lot! If you are relatively new to this thing called MTB, just take it easy, and you will really enjoy this trail.

This single track is short (3 miles), but sloooow. Your speed will depend of a combination of your fitness and technical skills. Usually we do a couple of circuits (me) and tree (others) in about one hour and a half. I had met people that do five turns. I don't know how much time takes them to do that, but for sure is a lot less time than I.

In general terms 60% of the trail is a little wider than my handlebar. Is very easy to get tangled with vegetation if you go too fast with not too much control. This could happen in areas that have several close zigzags. You can also find a very generous twisting down hill, several short but step climbs and lots and lots of roots (5" to 6" the taller ones). At the end, you have to climb a long hill, not too step, but full of rocks and roots. This single track requires a lot of concentration and is excellent to improve or develop technical skills.
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