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AAA Mill Creek

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There are two ways to do this ride, one as a loop with the Targhee road providing the bulk of the climb, or as an out and back (up the trail and back down). Keep in mind that this trail is predominantly a Cross country downhill, so the climb up could be tough for some. It is also a mild elevation ride, starting at about 7k and topping out at either 9k ot 10k, depending on whether you continue to climb peaked. If you go up the road, ride to the ski area, and find the major drainage to your right that snakes between Fred's and Peaked mountain. Ride up this, follow the switchback to the right, go up and around a small hump (they are putting in a chairlift here). You will see "lightning Ridge" off to the South/southwest. Look for the tight singletrack off to your right.(you have the option here to keep climbing up peaked) Follow this up and over L.R., and follow sweet, tight singletrack DOWN and TO YOUR LEFT! (the trail does not continue south at this point, even though it looks like it.) Once you have dropped down into the trees and pass a Quonset frame, get ready to let her rip...It is 3.5 Miles of (mostly) Big ring curvy sweetness. Follow the main trail, and you will end up on the Teton Canyon Road, your car will be 1/2 miles to your right!
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From Driggs, Drive 6.2 Miles west towards Grand targhee, turn right into Teton Canyon after the cattle grate, park just to the left of here. Gear up!
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