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The Branch

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Small loop with rollercoasters, logrides, and streamcrossings. Many potential hucks and drops possible. I found this overgrown trail last summer and was pleasantly surprised. Appeared to have been used heavily at some point. Not a bad "playground" for Middleton. I''d recomment Quarry in Madison for a better selection of hairy terrain though. CAVEAT: This listing is for locals looking for a technical practice spot nearby. Those of you looking for an epic ride will be disappointed, so don''t blame me if you make the drive. As with most cool trails in a city, this is not a designated area per se, but it does branch off of a multi-use (bike/hike) trail. Take that for what it''s worth.
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From Branch Street Retreat/Century Ave. and Branch Street in Middleton, enter Pheasant Branch Trail. After the second stream crossing, look for the entrance to the trail (off the main trail) on the right. No distinct markers, just a couple of storm sewer covers, so keep your eyes peeled.
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