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Primarily singletrack with some open sections and double-track. Mostly wooded landscape, with some grassy fields, pines, and scrub brush. Trail is highlighted with short, steep climbs, winding single-track and some especially tight sections. Great views over lake Winnebago. The trail system is multi-use, so be alert and courteous to other user groups. Hikers, horses, and a few runners are there regularly. Generally, the singletrack sections have only bikers on them. This trail is used regularly, but is generally not crowded. The trails occupy a relatively small area of 120 acres, but a loop can easily be set up to hit most of the fun sections and take a competitive rider 40 minutes to complete. The trail is technical enough to hone skills when ridden at speed, but also tame enough that beginners can handle many, if not most sections.
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Fond du Lac
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June 20, 2008

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 3 of 5

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Once a month

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Reviewed by: mudforlunch ,  Downhiller

Decent trails, the best part about it is its right by my house. There are some really cool sections here; the singletrack through the pine canopy is great, the chutes going down and around the quarry are good, and the runs by the antenna are good too. Great views, very few people on the trails. However, a lot of these trails go nowhere, double back and crisscross annoyingly, so its very difficult to get a good loop going. A map of any sort or trail markings would be nice. Ive been here 5 times or so and I still havent figured all the trails out yet. Also if anyone nails the vertical chutes across from the parking space let me know. I can't take either one without going over the bars, but at least its not from lack of trying.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)