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Very fun and easy for beginners, as well as experianced riders. This ttrail is 5 miles long of nothing but mudd and water to ride in or through.
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Take Route 2 north from New Martinsville WV, to Proctor WV. Turn right onto Proctor road, followit up the hill, for approx. 5 miles. Turn right onto St. Joesephs Settlement Road. follow it for approx. 6 miles make a sharp left turn onto the first raod to the left,in St. Joeseph Settlement. Follow it, the first part will be pavement, then after about a half a mile it will turn to gravel. Follow it to the bottom of the hill approx. 2 miles it will be at the bottom of the hill on the right. If you start back up a steep hill you have went to far, turn arond and it will be approx. 10 feet from there, going down in. Follow the small trail going in, and ave fun after you get there.
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Singletrack & Fire Roads
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