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Stoney Run /. Stone Coal Wilderness Hiking Trails

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1 mile of uphill (Widowmaker) which has one bail-out path (Rachel) before you hit the officially labeled Prescribed Burn Trail. This is also somewhat up hill ,and goes into some wildly technical, and partially off camber trails. Definitely Singletrack from this point on. There is an intermission of some smooth grass singletrack as to where you pass Guillotine (unmarked) and the entrance to EAGLE which is also unmarked at the MTB entrance. The official entrance to eagle is actually an Eagle Scout hiking proving grounds, benched ridgelines and some off camber singletrack is what it ends up being. Using the MTB entrance, it is downhill, but if you were to go backwards (official entrance on the foot of a creek), it would be all uphill. Look out for plastic tassles in the trees for the ways to go. Real neat trail system back here. Once in a while you will see people walking their dogs or people hiking.

Not a very known place!
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