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Roseby's Rock

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This is an partially an old rail bed, now converted into a 4-wheeler trail, mind you, 4-wheelers rule, and they rarely see bikes. Trail goes up valley on long abandoned rail bed, crosses through creek about six or seven times, goes up some fairly steep banks in places, and is very scenic. This trail is MUDDY on account of the 4-wheelers. You can go from beginning to Glen Easton, about 7 miles from start. Trail is very easy in some places, but has some technical spots extreme mud, big rocks, and steeps in some places. It`s lots of fun, and, on a warm day, the creek crossings are a welcome way to cool off. Make sure your ride is well lubed before doing the Rock.
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Trail Directions
From Interstate 70 near Wheeling, WV, take WV Route 2 to Moundsville, or Ohio Route 7 to Dille`s Bottom, and cross bridge over Ohio River into Moundsville. Going South on WV route 2, go into Moundsville, turn left onto 12th street(directly across from the bridge into Ohio). From Ohio, go straight through light at end of bridge. This puts you onto 12th street. Follow 12th street to regional jail (about 3/4 to 1 mile), just past jail entrance, the road splits. Take the right fork, which is Grave Creek road. go six miles up the creek road, and, just after going up a short hill, there is a very wide area on the left to park. Unload bikes there, then proceed on out road about 200 yards to a bridge on left. Cross bridge, turn right, continue up road. This is where ride begins. About 1/2 mile up this dirt road, there is a 4-wheeler trail to right that crosses the creek. Then the fun begins.
Trail Length
14 miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Fire Roads
Near Moundsville on Big Grave Creek

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