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Lake Sherwood Trails

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Lake Sherwood sit at 2200''. Start with the 3.7 mi. lake trail that is a smooth single trac that stays close to the water.Trail #684 takes off the lake loop at the north end up a gradual climb up Meadow Creek for 2.1 mi.This section is tight single trac through rhodedenndrons ,rideable rock gardens,and seven steam crossings.Go right at the intersection of trail #604 & #611 which will climb to the ridge and continue south on the Virginia / West Virginia border for 6.5 mi. At this point turn right at trail #685 (Tr.#611 abandoned further south)which will descend to the lake loop(approx. .5 mi.)at the over flow by the dam.Continue clock wise around the lake loop for .8 mi., go left on trail #672 which will cross the road (before the boat ramp entrance) and climb to the ridge on single trac for 1.5 mi. to trail #701.This next 4 mi. section will be up and down ridge top riding with several meadows. Go right on #701 for 1.0 mi. to trail #610 which will be on the right.Take #610 approx. 3.5 mi. to trail #604 which will be on the right.Trail #604 mostly descends for about 2 mi. to trail #684 which will take you back to the lake loop.Riding time is about 5 hrs. for an advanced rider.If your not into epic adventures, then you can stop when you first return to the lake which takes 2.5 hrs.
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Take S.R. 92 north from White Sulphur Springs to Neola, WV. Go right on RT.14 for 12 mi. to Lake Sherwood. Trail maps are posted about everwhere, including trailheads on the ride.Trails are blazed in blue. The #701 is blazed in yellow.
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25 Miles
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