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Dolly Sods Two Plains "T"

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The Dolly Sods Two Plains "T" is a 13 mile bike ride that takes you out a Forest Road and up a pipeline right of way to the high plateaus of Roaring Plains and Flatrock Plains. These are the highest plateaus of their type in the eastern U.S. and contain a ecosytem that is unique within the United States and not to be missed. On these high plains you will cross the Eastern Continental Divide and be able to see Seneca Rocks, North Fork South Branch Potomac River Valley, Cabin Mountain, North Fork Mountain and the Allegheny Front. The ride begins next to, but does not enter, the Dolly Sods Wilderness.

This is a out-and-back ride that goes from Forest Road 70 to the eastern edge of Roaring Plains and then crosses to the western edge of Flatrock Plains. This path forms a "T" shape when viewed on a map. Hence the name. This is not a technical ride but the right of way single track that climbs to Roaring Plains is steep and contains wet and muddy sections which can make it tough. The Dolly Sods Wilderness is off limits to biking due to its wilderness designation. There are plans to have the both Roaring Plains and Flatrock Plains declared wilderness areas so do this ride while you can.
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