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Upper Eagle Lake

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Drive to the Eagle Lake trailhead and ride this as an out and back. If you continue through to Foggy Dew I recommend a shuttled car as riding the road in this area would be nothing but a bummer! Steep the entire way, washboards, HOT, steep.

The trail though, DAMN! It's amazing. The horses and motos have churned up the dirt so it zaps a little energy on the climb, but it's worth it for the descent. Climb consistently the entire way to Upper Eagle Lake, use the map, but there are still a couple unmarked junctions (I think we went up at each unmarked junction). The climb is about 6 miles. The descent is possibly the best descent in WA. I haven't done them all, but this is an unrelenting flow, 6 miles, rock slabs, chunky rocks, flowy dirt, little g-out dips, and FAST. It's awesome!!! Oh yeah, and you can swim in the lake at the top, how could the ride be better?

Camping in the area is also really good.
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