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the bluff

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this trail is one of the most technical trails on the planet. you can ride for days out here, and golf too! Trails are custom built by " THE NIG "! We have been riding here for about 15, years and i dont think that the cunucks can even handle this level of technical riding. Lots of switchbacks and berms and A LOT of sand. I reccomend this trail to any high person that visits spokane. This trail has always been refer friendly to all the local junkies like the dudes from smokane mountain bikes. Make sure to bring your new santa cruz v-10 with dual 8 inch rotors and of course, the floating disk brake caliper.( YOU CANADIANS DONT WANT YOUR HARDTAILS DOWN HERE )Be prepared for an epic adventure! You Canadians can consult Larry at the bottom of the hill (if you make it down) if you really want to hook it up with the ANAL! Forget the lube cause he likes it rough. Well, hope you enjoy the EPIC ride. Welcome to SPOCOMPTON!
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from I-90, take the maple exit and head south up the hill. continue on high drive until the intersection of high drive and bernard. behind the barricade is the trailhead.
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