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McKenny to Falls Loop

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Park at Margaret Mckenny Campground. Head NW out of the parking are you will see a trail heading off down towards the river. Follow it. Cross the river. Go across the creek, go right up a short steep climb. Go right again. When you get to a dirt road don't cross it, look right. Take that trail. Stay on trail until you hit a T in the trail. Go right onto trail #6a, enjoy the miles of sweet singletrack gradually climbing. At the next trail intersection go right again onto Green line #6. Stay on, keep climbing. Stop at the top for a view of Mt. Rainier. Eventually you will cross some roads and get to another intersection. Go left on #20 enjoying a quick little descent. Take the next trail to your left (Mima Porter #8). Take that down a killer descent of singletrack. Watch out for cougar. Stay on the Mima Porter #8 until you get to the Green line #6. Take this back to Margaret Mckinney.

This is a great 2.5 hour-ish ride in Capitol forest. The first hour is a gentle climb with great singletrack. The second is a long and technical descent followed by several miles of rolling single track through the rain forest. Enjoy....
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Trail Directions
Mapquest "Little Rock, Washington" then after you print out directions wherever you are to Littlerock visit the following link for a map and locate Margaret Mckenny Campground the trail starts there. Link below shows map - Littlerock is square #1, Margaret Mckenny is square 28.
Trail Length
15-20 miles
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Capitol Forest
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