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Holmberg - 5 Mile Trails

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The lower part is open single-track that criss-crosses the "meadow". A little sandy in spots. The upper section is a series of single-track that climbs and descends the hillside just below 5-mile. Ride throught the meadow to the North and climb the ridegeline as it heads back South. SOme nice traverse trails up in the trees. Small area, great for quick local rides. No Workd Cup DH trails, log bridges or huge drops. Just a nice backyard ride for us Northside folk.
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Trail Directions
North on Wall (like you're going to Whitworth College) to Holmberg Park (just North of Country Homes). Left on the street just after Holmberg Park. At the end of the street, a meadow-area extends just West of Holmberg Park with trails that run up the bluff toward 5-mile Prairie.
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3 miles
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