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Green mtn. Wildcat Trl.Hd.

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Green mountain is a wonderful place to raid, it has multiple 10-mile loops and the biggest berms I have ever seen in my life! Ride there! just go up the mountain from the parking lot; just keep going up. Warning; parts of trail are technichal, especially widowmaker. go slow first time. ride with a buddy. These trails are awesome! However i stronglyadvise riding with someone who knows the route if you dont, it can be confusing. If you are looking for riding buddies email me, tom, or stop by the "B.I.CYCLE shop" on bainbridge island wa. 162 Bjune drive. Yes, Bjune with a B and a J
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THIS IS NOT A TRAIL REVIEW!! THIS IS INSTRUCTIONS FOR REACHING THE WILDCAT TRAILHEAD AT GREEN MOUNTAIN. I have taken these instruction striaght from the Washington State Parks webpage. On State Route 3 between Bremerton and Silverdale take the Seabeck Highway West about 3 miles to Holly Road. Turn Left onto Holly Road. Go 1.8 miles, site is on left. See them for yourself at http://www.parks.wa.gov/ada-rec/detail.asp?region=NPS
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