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Blookyadaloompius means Big Ass Drop. That is what this trail is all about. Drops range from two feet to over ten. If you like crazy drops then this trail is for you. I think we need to clear a few small trees that fell in a tight tree section and we need to still rake out the top section. If you look close you can see our tracks and follow them. We have built many options into most of the obslacles on the trail so all skill levels can still have fun. We plan to keep progressing the trail and changing it over the summer. Have fun, Sean Murphy and Beef Racing
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This is the same trail as was posted under beacon hill as "my trail". Just go to the top of the down hill courses and start on top of the rock shelf. We will have signs up soon and we will rake out the top section of the trail. You can also follow the trail up from where it crosses the 2000 DH course. It crosses right before the rock jump onto the ramp. Blooky comes down the big rock face that is to the left of the jump and crosses the course.
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1-2 miles
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October 14, 2001

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Reviewed by: Dave , from Spokane

I hope that when you are building here that you have permission. If not then call Mike Aho at City Parks and get permission. I don't like the idea of bikes being kicked off of Beacon because people are doing the same thing they did at Mt. Spokane and building tricks that they don't have permission to build. By the way the Road to the top of Mt. Spokane will be closed starting next season (2002) so if you want up to the top you'll have to pedal up. Lets not get Beacon closed.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)