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Rowland Falls/Jerrys Creek Trail

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Fire Roads Singletrack Pavement deserted roadbeds.Yeah, its got it all. Start by climbing FR 84, turn right at about the3 mile mark into a small clearing, look for Old FR84 roadbed sign on your left.Find it?? Good now turn left onmto Old FR84. You will be travelling paralell to FR84 but lower.This section is 7 miles or so.Once to the end turn right in small clearing and at sign for Jerrys creek Trail.Killer dangerous downhill awaits alongside a rushing stream loose rocks tombstones and water taunt you. At the bottom follow old roadbed to you right. keep going right when in doubt.Pop out onto the pavement and pick up Rowlands Creek Trail sign. Oh Yeah go right. This begins easy enough thru a Hemlock grove.Begin Climbing on rocky singletrack. Cross a few small streams and keep climbing.AARRGH!!Rowlands Creek will be on your RIGHT. This is not Jerrys Creek. Lots of big rounded rocks.Enjoy view of far hillsides as this was where you camein on Old FR84. Ahh, Do you hear water?? Its a waterfall!! Stop and check out Rowlands Creek as it drops about 100 feet over some big rocks and old trees. This is East Coast riding at its best. Back on the bike its mostly over now. just a long slog to the clearing where you started in on Old FR84.Ride out to FR84, not Old FR84 and turn left for a screaming straight fire road descent back to your vehicle. OPTION TWO. Turn RIGHT at FR84 and keep climbing. Turn left onto FR828 and climb an incredibly steep fire road climb to the top of Iron Mountain. What goes up also goes down, turn left onto.Va. RT 603 (paved)spin back to Rt 16 turn left and grunt up the hill to the Hurricane Campground turn off. Turn left ,watch your speed. and arrive at your car for a true EPIC RIDE> Break out the Beer my friends.This option adds about 15 miles onto the base 15 for around 30 total.
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Take RT 58 from just about any direction,stay straight onto Rt. 16 go about 5-7 miles and on your right is Hurricane Creek Campground turn off . Take it and go to Campground. Park on Fr 84 corner just outside campground.Start you ride on FR 84 going UPHILL. but not the way you just came in. Showers and fac at this lonely little campground
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Troutdale, Va

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