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Mint Springs Park (Crozet)

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Mint Springs Park is a forgotten county park, Trails are not too long, but has tons of vertical to wear your legs out - much more than Walnut Creek/O Hill! Trails are unfortunately not always well maintained - more riders needed! The trails all essentially start at the lakes and go up to the top of the mountain - there are 4-5 different routes up, all for intermediate riders, a few for advanced only. GREAT terrain, just needs better maintanance. Best route is to cross the damn of the LOWER pond, and head into the woods, keeping right at your first turn. Then just keep left as you head up the mountain - you''ll do a ton of climbing and can eventually wrap around the park, leaving you a wonderful, technical, sometimes scary downhill home.
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Trail Directions
From C'ville - go 250 West to Crozet and take 240 into the heart of Crozet - at the 4 way stop - go west (you will have the tracks on your left and the DQ on your right) - go for about 2-3 miles and Mint Springs is on your left. Park at the first or second lot - doesn't really matter.
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2-4 Miles
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Singletrack & Fire Roads
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