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West River trail

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This Railroad Bed Trail forms a small section of the West River Trail, a 15 mile multi-purpose rail-trail that follows the West River Railroad bed from Townshend Dam to the Village of South Londonerry.  A group of volunteers called 'The Friends of the West River Trail' have been working on this trail since 1992.  Approximately 11 miles of the planned 15 miles have been completed.
(3 miles, 1 hr. 30 min.) Good for easy walking, jogging or biking. The trail meanders along the West River, following the old bed of the West River railroad. Look for the Dumplings, a group of large boulders about .5 mile up the trail. Follow the trail for another 2 miles to reach Cobb Brook. After crossing the brook, the trail continues to Ball Mountain Dam (.5 mile). Completed in 1961 for flood control, the dam stands 265 feet high and 915 feet long.
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The Railroad Bed Trail is located within Jamaica State Park in Jamaica, Vermont. This trail follows the old bed of the West River Railroad along the scenic West River for approximately three miles, from the Jamaica State Park campground to the Army Corps of Engineer's Ball Mountain Dam.A historical brochure on the railroad is available at the park office.
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