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Stowe is laced with "single track". If you are not in really good shape, check out cotton brook road out the Moscow Rd. If you are looking for a "nice bike ride", check out the rec. path. If you are from Quebec, go home, eh? If you want buffed out high speed riding with long ups and downs, go to east burke. If you wanna ride bikes, check out a local.
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Ask At Irie Cycles.
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too many miles!!!!!
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October 10, 2001

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 5 of 5

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Reviewed by: JD , from Stowe

Maple Run is all ready reviewed under "Another trail in Stowe". This is the hill side above and behind the Mt. spts and bike shop. You can ride loops in this zone from 45 min. to three + hours. It is basically a single track/road/double track climb to some nice tech near the top to flowing mostly down hill single track. Laurens Loop is classic east coast gnar. Tight short ups and downs rocks and roots. God street is as the name implies. The bottom half of the descent is high speed double into sweet, sweet brown ribbon that crosses a couple of roads along the way. You will never really find these without guidance so try to go with a group. The riding behind Irie is the most ridden trail in town. There is a few hours of riding here. Not the vert. that you'll run into up in maple run, but there are some gems here. A little ragged out but worth it. Some real tech. spots that even we don't make every time. Also some bigish drops up in there. A few ten footers, a 15+ foot almost vert. roll down, and some smaller hucks for the mellow dudes. Another zone would be "Jersey". It is on the other side of town. About 700 feet of Vert. Some nice short tech sections with some man made stuff(nothing huge, but fun) as well as more classic high speed runs. Again, I would say about an hour to an hour and a half of riding in this zone with a high bang for the buck factor. Combine a loop through here with a loop through the zone behind Irie and your looking at a nice taste of what we have here. There are, of course, some real sweet and bigger rides laced in and around town which I will not sell out completely. What I've given you is user friendly and not that misty.

Recommended Route:
Start at Irie and try to hook up with a group going out. It is hard for the bike shops to direct folks to the trails because they are ALL on private land. If a land owner catches a bunch of tourists on his land and they say, " The guy at the bike shop told me.....", we are screwed. A ride usually leaves in the AM(10-10:30) and in the PM when the shop closes. The boys are in pretty good shape up here so if you want a more mellow tour, the Mountain Sports and Bike Shop does a tuesday night ride during the summer. They break it up into A and B groups, and it is usually fairly clear where you belong. Always fun and low key. You'll most likely hit Maple Run with these guys. Intermediate to advanced riders. You could shuttle some of this stuff if you have skills but no legs. No one around here does it, but if I had some friends up I would consider it. It is nice to hit the single track fresh. If you aer looking for beginner rides, the Mt. Mansfield touring center is great. Mostly road bed with some single track and spectcular views and wildlife.

Other recommended trails in the same area:
Great riding all over the State. Within 40 min of Stowe would be Percy Hill in Waterbury twenty min. south of us. This is the goods if you are into big four hour rides. Mooretown has a sweet zone out behind the town hall, over the bridge(see reviews on this page) Waitsifeld has some riding. About an hour away is East Burke. An awesome ride for moderate tech but high in the cardio. Burke is the land of six inch wide, plush, brown carpet. Not much tech. Randolph is also worth doing if you have the time, even though the Gas Can trail is closed. See reviews on this page.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)