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Warner Valley Loop

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Warner Valley Loop) is eleven miles of singletrack full of whoops and wash crossings. The Warner Valley Loop is almost all singletrack. There are a few short connector-type links on doubletrack. This trail is significantly more technical than the Honeymoon Loop. There's one spooky steep plunge into a deep wash, and several whoop-it type wash crossings. There are a couple of ledge-drops, and a few rougher spots. Overall, this loop would be mid- to upper-intermediate technical. Elevation gain is 300 feet.
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Trail Directions
Getting there (East from St. George): Head south on River Road in St. George. (River Road is reached by turning left at the St. George Blvd exit from I-15, then right at the light. Or from the Bluff Street exit, turn left and drive about 1/2 mile on Riverside Dr, turning right at the light where it intersects River Road.) Immediately after crossing the Virgin River, at 1450 South on River Road, turn left (east). About 2 miles later, the road turns 90 degrees right onto 3000 East. Turn left again immediately (there should be a "Warner Valley" sign here, but it's missing - summer 2001). Heading east towards Warner Valley, the road will turn 90 degrees right, then left, then right again to head south. At mile 5.4 from River Road, turn left on the gravel Warner Valley Road. Zero your odometer here! From this turn drive eastward over the ridge. At mile 5.4 on the dirt Warner Valley Road, keep straight. At 5.8, keep straight (R goes to Ft. Pierce). At mile 7.3, turn right at GP
Trail Length
11 miles
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