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Tower Mountain Downhill

Average Rating:    (4.5 of 5)

No. of Reviews: 2

This is one long section of sweet rolling downhill. I highly suggest that you have someone charter you up on a four wheeler unless you have a lot of time on your hands. The trail is very rocky and technical, but still wide enough you can get a lot of speed. At times there will be fast rolling switch backs, and others 3-5 foot drop offs. If your really into Freeriding, and want to enjoy the best Utah has to offer, this is it!
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Trail Directions
Follow I-15 Southbound from Provo until you hit the second Spanish Fork exit. Take a left off the exit on to main street. This will eventually take you through Spanish Fork and into over the hill to Salem. Right before you get to the Krishna temple, there will be a sign telling you to turn left to Woodland Hills. Take that left and follow the road past the Vally Asphault pit. Just after you pass the pit there will be a four way intersection. Take a left at that intersection and follow the road until it winds back down the mountain. As you are now traveling north, you will see H.E. Davis and Son's gravel pitt. You are going to take the road heading eastward to the left of the pitt. Traveling past the houses, you will reach gravel road. If you were to go straight you would reach a metal gate. Take a left at the gate and follow the trail until you reach the base of little mountain. You will begin to see the trail carving up the mountain at this point. Unload and have fun!
Trail Length
15 miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads

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Review Date
September 28, 2001

Overall Rating
 5 of 5

Ridden Trail:
Ridden Once

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Reviewed by: Bigboy , from Park City

I rode this trail only once, and thats all it took for me to break my Sun Double-wide rim. This trail is HARDCORE. Only go if you are ready for some serious drops. I'm amazed Bender hasn't found this thing. The ride up is a killer, unless you can get dropped off at the tower by helicopter. Well worth the drive!

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BYU campus rooftops, Rock canyon DH

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Review Date
July 8, 2001

Overall Rating
 4 of 5

Ridden Trail:
Once a month

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Reviewed by: Roachcoach , from Provo

This trail is sick! It totally gives you a false sense of security as to how fast you can go. As you travel down the trail there are five or six side trails that lead to big huck-offs. I nearly snapped my bike in half on one of them. No joke, next to the Deer Vally Fire Swamp, this is the most hard core trail that I've descended. I totally recomend getting someone to bus you up if your rolling a DH rig. This trail gets 4 flamin' pigs, only because it takes so long to get up the trail.

Recommended Route:
Look for the Tower on the mountain above Salem, and head south.

Other recommended trails in the same area:
Back side of Rock Canyon, and the Face of Squaw Peak

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Reviews 1 - 2 (2 Reviews Total)