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The Gap

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This is a intermediate/advanced ride with very technical and rocky road/singletrack. Ride the Road about 3.5 miles to a left turn towards Velvet Lake. Take this road about 9 miles to it's end where it meets another old doubletrack and head left (south) for about 1 mile. This is where the singletrack begins and the marked sign for the gap is. From this sign the first mile is great then a bit (100 ft) of hike a bike. At the intersection of trails go left towards John Allen Bottom. Now the real fun begins and have fun for about 12 miles but don't get lost! We have been clearing this trail for about 10 yrs and it's still a bitch to ride. Take good maps and know how to use them for you will need it. One thing about this ride and others in this area are the remote nature of riding on the Acquarius Plateau/Escalante high country. You never see anyone, it snows in July and at the bottom of the ride you better have your own beer and food. The town of Escalante has more angry mormon rednecks than a Mountain Meadows Massacre reunion.
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Trail Directions
Unless your psyco for long rides, drive from the redneck mecca of Escalante North up the Posey Lake road. Best to park by the Great Western Trail/John Allen Bottom singletrack about 1.5 miles beyond Posey lake.
Trail Length
28 miles
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