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Strawberry Narrows

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This is a great trail that starts near the Soldier Reservior Dam and follows the shoreline of Soldier Reservoir into the Narrows connecting Soldier and Strawberry Reservoirs. This is incredibly scenic country that very few people ever see. It is very remote and lightly used (as of spring 2010). The trail itself is very smooth and not too technical, although there are some climbs and descents to challenge experienced riders. Length varies, but most riders seem to enjoy riding from the Soldier Reservoir Dam to the Strawberry Reservoir overlook and then back again. The trail gets bad and sometimes hard to follow at that point.
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July 1, 2010

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 5 of 5

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Every few months

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Reviewed by: rpalmer ,  Cross Country Rider

Since I just added this trail, I thought I'd better review it. I hesitate because I love the remoteness and quietness of this trail. Late afternoon rides are almost surreal with the sound of water lapping against the shore and fishing boat engines in the distance. I truly love this trail and I am not anxious to see tons of people start using it, but at the same time it is just too good to keep secret so I'll go ahead and recommend it here.

To get there, take highway 40 south out of Heber City. Continue past Daniel's Summit all the way past Strawberry Reservoir to the turnoff to Soldier Reservoir Dam. Follow the scenic, winding road across the dam and park at the big parking area. Ride up the paved road a short distance to a dirt track on your right hand side. I don't remember if it is signed or not, but it is the only track that runs along the ridge above the lake. Watch for singletrack on the right, there is currently no sign. I don't remember any branch-off trails after this point, so from here, enjoy! There are some ups and downs, but nothing too steep or technical. The views are absolutely fantastic and the trail is sweet. Make sure you stop from time to time to enjoy the scenery, remoteness, and the fresh air. It is 8 miles to the Strawberry Reservoir viewpoint where most riders I know turn around. The ride back is more fun, even though there is virtually no NET gain or loss in elevation (you start and end at the edge of the water), the downhill sections on the return ride are faster and more interesting. This trail has a lot of personality and is a completely different experience in each direction. Not to be missed!

Recommended Route:
Ride from the Soldier Reservoir Dam to the Strawberry Ridge viewpoint and turn back.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)