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San Rafael Devil's Racetrack

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Caution - This is primarily a motorcycle and ATV trail. The lower trail contains some sandy sections. The upper trail has rock ledges and other rock obstacles which may be extreme for a bicycle. Elevation gain is modest, probably less than 500 feet. Directions - Ride through the culvert under I70 (heading North). Turn left after about 200 yards. There are two subsequent left turns (after about 1/2 mile and after about 2 miles), but stay straight/right at each. The rock ledges and other obstacles begin as you begin to gain elevation. This technical section is approximately 5 miles long. When the trail proceeds down into a wash it is unrideable, turn around and come back on the same route. Note - If you have a map of this area you will see that there are many loops shown. However, avoid any that are labeled "wash" as the deep sand is unrideable and can continue for several miles.
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Trail Directions
From Green River, UT head west on I70 past Price exit, past Hanksville exit, then an additional 19 miles to Ranch Exit. Exit here, go under I70 heading south on unmarked dirt road. Take 2nd right turn (at 38.843 N, 110.704 W). Stay on this road for approximately 8 miles(if in doubt veer right, never left) until road deadends against I70 (at 38.867 N, 110.779 E). Park here where culvert goes under I70.
Trail Length
15 miles (approx.)
Trail Level
Trail Type
Fire Roads
Green River

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December 11, 2002

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 5 of 5

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Reviewed by: Bruce , from Alpine, UT

Excellent trail, riding on Kayenta sandstone over top of sheer cliffs, with spires and buttes of Navajo sandstone jutting above. Very pretty. Lots of ledges and some tricky rock, mixed with short "cruiser" sections. Advanced technical, but not terribly tough. I couldn't clean one uphill stunt on the way out, and one on the way back. The trail is actually 8.8 miles long (from the arch, 9.5 from the freeway). Altitude change is 1200 feet from the wash at the ride's end to the high point south of Devils Racetrack, but it doesn't seem like that much.
The advanced technical section is about two miles long, but most of the trail is littered with small ledges you can ramp or wheelie-drop off. This trail is loads of fun. Don't let the "ATV trail" designation put you off.

Recommended Route:
I drove to Dutchman Arch to start riding (.7 mile past the freeway). There's a trail map on UtahMountainBiking.com, with detailed ride description.

Other recommended trails in the same area:
Five Miles of Hell is a really abusive and gnarly ride.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)