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Marathon Trail

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A mix of singletrack and dirt road leading from south Brain Head to the western end of Navajo Lake. An excellent variety of terrain and scenery. The tourist/promotional riding guide (~20 area rides w/ maps)available widely has a good map, though it verbally directs you to a different (Northern) trailhead than it shows on the map. Follow the map.

The first miles of riding are on excellent singletrack (the start of Bunker Creek), which trends south and downhill through forest and meadows until it hits a dirt road which crosses the pavement and continues south of more dirt. The roads branch and deteriorate as you progress south through mixed forest and the occasional lava field, before branching off onto singletrack for a couple miles before the highway. I found all junctures to this point well signed and unambiguous.

Now, cross the highway and head south and up on dirt roads. I made a wrong turn at a missing sign and got off route here. Follow the aforementioned map if in doubt. Drop off the hill on singletrack to the Deer Creek road (good dirt) and climb on logging roads up to the rim above Navajo Lake. A final steep descent on singletrack takes you to the trailhead.

Riding south to north would be substantially harder.
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October 8, 2006

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Reviewed by: ionsmuse ,  Weekend Warrior

I found this to be a very enjoyable ride. Not technical in any significant sense, but a decent length ride with a wide variety of cool riding and scenery.

Have a decent map. If signs vanish it would be easy to get lost. Mind the numerous downed trees, and the poorly constructed log pile towards the end of the initial singletrack.

Recommended Route:
North to south, starting at the trailhead for Bunker Creek (south of BH peak).

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Thunder Mtn, VRR

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)