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Lowder Ponds Loop

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This is a good description of the ride from utahmountainbiking.com.

The Lowder Ponds Loop is a high-altitude advanced-intermediate trail that combines ridgeline singletrack with forested downhill. The trail is a loop 11.9 miles in length, with a short (2 mile) climb on dirt road in the middle of the ride.

Altitude at the trailhead is 11,000 feet. You'll drop 1000 feet, then climb your way back up. You shouldn't consider Lowder Ponds unless you have conditioned thighs, great lungs, and are acclimatized to altitude.

I am a cross country rider not used to high altitudes. I found the trail difficult but not over bearing as long as I didn’t try and over do it on some of the steep inclines. Downhill on the single track was technical at some points but always ride able. I went in late June and there were still patches of snow on the ground, some that we had to pass through. This added to the already incredible scenery. I recommend this trail to anyone who wants to do a loop rather than take the shuttles to the top.
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