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Jock Canyon Trail

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Starting at the parking lot, cross the wooden planked bridge and head another 30 yards to the next bridge which crosses 6th water. Cross over and you will soon come to 1st water (approximately another 30 yards). This is a simple crossing that is easily negotiated 10 months out of the year. After crossing pick up the beautiful single track and start up cottonwood canyon. You will cross the stream one more time and then come to the stream to cross it again. If you look to your left you will notice a new trail that stays to the left that allows you to avoid crossing the stream two times. Either way continue up the single track for a total of 2.6 miles from the parking lot. Many people continue up to Rays Valley road from here and make a larger loop around to sixth water or even continue up Center ridge trail. However, if you are looking for a great technical climb and an even better turn around downhill this is the ride for you! At 2.6 miles you will come to a small clearing on your right hand side. There is a wooden sign(most of the time it is knocked over on the left hand side of the trail) that points out Jock Canyon trail on your right. Turn right and head down to the stream, cross it and turn right following the bank for about 20 yards. You will turn left up Jock Canyon and start an arduous 2.6 mile climb up some of the best singletrack in utah. You are basiclly following a stream bed that is only running when it is raining hard or early spring(march,april0. There are numerous obstacles but all are rideable to the advanced or even more experienced mountain biker. The climb is steep for about 1 mile and then becomes less lung exploding for the remaining mile and a half. The trail comes to Teat mtn. road. Now lower your seat and enjoy the half hour descent back to your car. Average time is about 2.5hrs round trip. If you try this you will not regret it.
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Trail Directions
From I-15 head east on Hwy 6 towards Price up Spanish Fork Canyon for 5 miles. Turn left at Diamond Fork Canyon. Follow the new road up the valley for 7 miles. The road will go from really nice to narrow paved road. Follow the lesser quality road for 3 more miles until you reach 3 crossings which is a small dirt parking lot on your right hand side. Park here and get ready for a great ride.
Trail Length
11 miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Spanish Fork

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Review Date
February 14, 2001

Overall Rating
 5 of 5

Ridden Trail:
Every few months

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Reviewed by: ron , from provo

This is a brutal climb but well worth your time. the scenery is incredible and it is nothing but 1foot wide single track the whole way!

Recommended Route:
Ignore the last post. this is not the same as the sixth water trail that was reviewed. Follow the instructions as above and you will not be dissappointed.

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Review Date
May 26, 2000

Overall Rating
 1 of 5

Ridden Trail:
Once a month

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Reviewed by: Trail Nazi , from SLC< UTAH

Are you the moron that got Upper Millcreek closed to every other day for MTB's?????

Recommended Route:
Isnt this called Sixth Water which has already been written up on this web site and reviewed 5 times!!!!

Other recommended trails in the same area:
Any trail that this moron doesnt ride!!!

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Reviews 1 - 2 (2 Reviews Total)