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Start by riding up Emigration to the bottom of the Killians canyon trail. Ride up killians to the four way intersection, go straight down to east canyon''s mormon trail. up the mormon trail to the top of big mountain. Down the mormon trail to the jeremy ranch dirt road. Right on the dirt road until the Black hawk conector trail. Ride the black Hawk trails to the frontage road. Take the road under the freeway to the round valley trail head. Ride that up and over to the disabilitys ceter. ride the rail trail to the lost prospector trail. Take the lost pros. trail to deervalley.Take old race route tour de homes to mid-mountain. Re-fuel at mid mountain. from there take the 8000 foot trail over to park city trails. ride up pole line to scotts hill. Scotts hill to puke hill, to the crest trail. ride the crest trail to the top of the canyons condor lift. Here you take a small trail off to your left ( mostly hiking for about 200 yards) down this trail into lambs canyon to the elbow fork trail head. Up and over to millcreek and down the pipeline trail to rattel snake gulch. Down millcreek to bed.
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