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Dowd Mountain

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The trail is very easy to follow, as it is well marked with blue diamond shaped markers on the trees. It begins with a moderate climb through pine trees, sagebrush and wild flowers over a path with alternating sections of rocks and hard pack, which was at times well worn or barely visible. The rocks make it a challenge for the beginner and a lot of fun for advanced riders looking to refine their skills. After several miles the trail entered a gentle double track, which connected a series of small meadows. This area had a few sand traps that taught my wife a lesson about front brakes, speed and turning, she dumped it. This was a fun and fast section, which abruptly ended with quick rocky drop into a small gully. From here we rode some more double track out to the Dowd Mountain Overlook which provides some impressive views of the steep red rock canyon of Flaming Gorge Reservoir. From the overlook the trails becomes a bit nasty with a mile or so of riding through a very rocky section, which parallels the canyon rim. I was very worried about my wife at this point, but she kept her speed up and peddled through the worst of it like a champ. The trail connected back to double track section with a long series of water bars, which, with a little speed, gave me some airtime. The trail's last couple of miles descended through a small valley with more water bars to jump, sand, hard pack and some quick turns hidden by the grass and sage. Overall a very nice ride which challenges the beginner and the keeps things interesting for the advanced rider. See the following web site for picture and a map, http://www.utah.com/bike/trails/dowd_mtn.htm
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Trail Directions
The trailhead is across road from the Dowd Spring Picnic Area, located 14 miles south of Manila or 54 miles north of Vernal on UT 44 in the eastern edge of the Uinta Mountains
Trail Length
10.5 miles
Trail Level
Trails for all skill levels
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads
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