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Days Fork

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This is one of the steeper rides in the Wasatch Range. The ride begins with a mild climb, but about 500 yards into the ride a large staircase of waterbars confronts you. Ride as much as you can and walk the rest. Day's Fork Canyon is fairly narrow and quiet. You will see few, if any, hikers or bikers. The trail will take you through beautiful forests and alpine meadows. Most of the riding is not very technical, but the consistent, grueling elevation gain will take its toll. The trail ends in a alpine bowl at an old abandoned mine. The descent is a kick in the pants. One word of warning - be careful in the meadow area as many logs are sawed off within inches of the trail.
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Trail Directions
Take I-215 to 6200 S. Exit. Head East to Big Cottonwood Canyon. Drive up canyon until you reach "The Spruces" campground on the right hand side. Ask ranger for directions to the trailhead. Trailhead is located about 100 yards south of the rangers gatehouse.
Trail Length
3 miles out and back
Trail Level
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Salt Lake City

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Review Date
May 14, 2001

Overall Rating
 3 of 5

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Reviewed by: Ron Prue , from Orem

This trail has not been reviewed yet, so I thought I would give it a go. I did it last year solo when no one else was willing to ride. This trail is steep. The whole way is pretty unrelenting, and takes a lot of determination to get up there, especially if walking a trail you came to ride is not your bag (as is mine). Very thick foliage at the top makes it humid during the summer after rain. The reason I did it was to see the abandon mine equipment at the top. Unbelievable that those guys worked all the way up there, and toted all that equipment with them. You can still read the address for the manufacturer of the boiler that is sitting below the mine. The descent is very fast. It is something like 2200 ft in 3-4 miles, so stay in control. I encountered NO ONE on this trail while riding. It is a gem of a ride if you are into punishing yourself and gaining some perspective on how hard it must have been in the "Old Days".

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)