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Clear Creek Trails

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I am not going to spoil the ambiance of this place by attempting to describe it all. This place is a primo alpine island in the midst of a vast wasteland desert. You want some freaky shit? Ride the trails up there. Most of the trails there are old trails ridden into double track by 4-wheelers. There are tons to ride. It's very steep sometimes and there are log/creek/other portages. This is all legal shit too since it is "only" national forest land. Head straight out the back of the c.g up past Bull Flat and keep a'climbin! There are lakes, snowbanks, creeks (fish), primo high mountain riding. DO NOT RIDE IN THESE MOUNTAINS DURING DEER HUNTING SEASON. I haven't tried it but... It certainly has the potential to be one for the epic-crew. This is the kind of place you want to stay for a few days to camp and ride. So come prepared. There are no real stores or services within about two hours.
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From SLC: I-84 North. Hwy 30 West into northern Boxelder County. At "Curlew Junction", take a rural route, 42. There are some very beautiful old abandonned ranch houses in this country. You will see the Raft River Mountains looming toward you. They are actually Sawtooth N.F. land. Somewhere along rd 42, look for a sign to Clear Creek Campground; turn left on this dirt road. There is also a sign pointing to a store in Naf. Go about 2 miles on this rd and take another left; there is also a sign for the c.g. Climb up a few miles and you'll end in the c.g.
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