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Bonneville Shoreline Trail--PG to Orem watertanks

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Start on the dirt road just beneath the new grey water open storage tank just off of 2nd south in Pleasant Grove near the mouth of Battle Creek Canyon.

Stay on this dirt road until you get to the "junk yard home" where the dirt road is fenced off. From here a single track trail leads up a gully and is fairly easy to follow from this point on. There are Bonneville Shoreline Trail markers by the trail.

At this point is a challenging but ridable steep uphill climb for 20-40 minutes depending how good of shape you're in. One section in particular, "suicide", is steep and loose and requires good uphill technical skills and strength to keep a grip and finish.

Once the climb is complete, an enjoyable rolling single track cut into the side of steep slopes with some exposure but with great views takes you through dry canyon's parking lot and on over to the orem water tanks parking lot.

There are several side-trail variations and paths to shorten or lengthen the trail.

I use this ride to get in shape every year because it's ridable early in the spring and late in the fall when the upper mountains are snowed in. The trail drys quickly after rain.

Great for a quick training ride when you don't have a lot of time.

Some variations:
* exit early at dry canyon
* at the top of the hill head up to the top of battle creek cliffs
* at orem water tanks continue on into provo canyon
* start toward battle creek cliffs trail but instead go through dry creek canyon and on into provo canyon
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