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Yellow Gate (part of cumberland)

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about 2.5 miles long. About 1 mile uphill, then rolling terrain, some not possible. Go until the stairs. Leave your bikes there and walk up the stairs stay left to the overlook. The ride back down is really fast and fun. If you are into exploring, take your bike with you up the stairs and hang a right. This will bring you to a logging rd.. Go left there andcontinue on to the green hole, Go righ to hit the road back down the mtn to your car.
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Trail Directions
North on 27 towards Dayton. Get off at the thrasher pike exit. Take a left (away from train tracks). At the 4 way, take a right. Take the next left after bridge( at a red light)( signs will say mowbray shooting range). Go about 2 miles. On the left (around a tight right turn) you will see a small parking area with a yellow gate. BINGO
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2.5 miles
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Singletrack & Fire Roads
Soddy Daisy
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