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Smith Springs

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This trail is rocky and mud free most of the season, but poorly developed and used mostly by fishermen and walkers. You squeeze through cedar trees in some places but can fly along several straight sections. When you emerge at the other end it should be at the Smith Springs park fishing parking lot. About 3 miles one-way. The shoreline is dirty since Percy Priest isn't too well cared for and it is surrounded by residential run-off. If you are adventurous you can make it all the way to Long Hunter State Park and farther around the lake but it takes some intuition and lots of free time.
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Trail Directions
At Anderson Road Park there is a small parking lot for walking the asphalt trail. Park here, ride across the street (back over Anderson) to a dead end road alongside a condominium complex. This is the unofficial trailhead leading to Smith Springs Park.
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3 miles
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