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Victoria Creek

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Trail is a mix of ATV two-track and single trail. Follow the trail upstream for about two miles. There will be several ridable stream crossings. After about two miles, go left up a dry tributary. Ride that until you're in a saddle and there is a tee in the trail. Take the tee right and there will be loose, slate covered single track. This goes to the top of a hill and then it's a long cruise downhill to a gate and a gravel road. Take a right. Ride that gravel until you get to a "No Motor Vehicles" sign and take a right on the ATV trail (apparently there is no enforcement of the motorized vehicle rule). This is the trail you started on and it will take you back to the trail head.
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From Rapid City, take Sheridan Lake Road south from the intersection of Sheridan Lake Road and Catron Blvd. Go 5 miles and take a right on Victoria Lake Road (gravel). After 2.7 miles take a left on a gravel spur. That road ends after 0.4 miles. Park here. You will be at a small stock pond called Victoria Lake.
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