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Stockade Lake

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This trail starts by stockade lake in custer state park and is on the pamphlet that is given to you when you pay the fee to get into the state park. It is located right off of hwy 16. It is located off the road the is going around the lake. Park at the swimming are gravel parking lot. The trail is a short loop but full of potenial. Would recommend for serious bikers only. It starts with a major up hill climb with a very steep, very rocky chute toward the top between trees that i have not been able to touch yet and is usually good for a bike hike. Once you get to the top the fun really starts with a rocky down hill ride with some nice sections toward the bottom. IF YOU CAN'T RIDE ROCKS GO TO ANOTHER TRAIL. This trail will test the your rock riding skills. The trail is rated moderate but you will agree they are being modest. Very fast ride about 1 hour by any rider and worth checking out if already in the area. Nice veiws
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