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Fort Sully Game Refuge

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Two track trail heading north overlooking Lake Oahe. The trail does not gain or lose much altitude from the parking area to the end however there are many small climbs with some good coasting downhills. This trail can get very hot during the summer months. This is true prairie riding (No Trees)so bring plenty of water! At the end of the trail you will be overlooking the intersection of the Chyenne River and the Missouri River. Very cool views or true praire grass land.
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Trail Directions
Take historic state road 1804 (Lewis and Clark Historical Trail) North out of Pierre for approximately 18 miles. Go left (185th Street) and follow this gravel road past the resort to Fort Sully Game Refuge. Continue to follow raod till the turn off to the lake access boat ramp. Just before the turn left, down to the boat ramp area take the short spike straight ahead to parking area (park in front of the fenced in area).
Trail Length
4-5 miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Fire Roads

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Review Date
July 26, 2002

Overall Rating
 4 of 5

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Every few months

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Reviewed by: Tim A , from Pierre, SD

I'm sorry the person above must take time to review a trail that they have never been on and have the nerve to review it poorly based on no first hand information. I believe I was honest about how poor the weather could be by saying it can get hot in the summer months (Bring lots of water) and I stated there are no trees. Anyone who knows SD knows the weather in the center of the state can get really bad in the summer time. Just go early or late in the afternoons and enjoy being outside. Yes the land is gumbo, however, as noted this year...we don't get much rain so the number of days that that trail can be ridden is higher then you may think. As for the cactus and rattel snakes...I have ridden this trail more then 15 times over the last two years and have yet to see a rattel snake and if I had...so...I don't plan to pick them up, just ride around them. As for the cactus, again I have never popped a tire...there are very few if any cactus on the trail. If you ride off trail you will probably have a problem. No there are no trees and it is not like the islands around Pierre or the Black Hills so it may not be for you. It is however, a great way to see the Prairies of SD and overlook the Missouri and Cheyenne Rivers.

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Review Date
July 20, 2002

Overall Rating
 1 of 5

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Reviewed by: Royce , from near fort sully

Honestly I have never ridden that trail,and never will.The land there is gumbo which turns to absolute shit if it rains.It is also a barron rattle snake infested hell hole devoid of trees and other hospitable vegetation.Can you say,Cactus induced flats all around!Did I mention the wether yet?Summer riding will be VERY hot,dry,dusty,boring and,insane.Winter riding is,well out of the question.Spring and fall there last no more than 24 hours each.

Recommended Route:
Take hwy 34 west out of Pierre till you get to a sign saying you are entering Rapid City,hook up with some locals at the LBS and ride some real trails.

Other recommended trails in the same area:
The LeFramboise island trails are as good as they get here.Might try riding the Lewis and Clark trail from Pierre to Farm Island.

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Reviews 1 - 2 (2 Reviews Total)