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Adams Trail

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The trail consists of crushed limestone and is fairly flat and about 6' wide. It winds through huge stands of cotton wood trees along the Missouri River and loops through a forest of trees along an oxbow lake. The trail has many curves with great views of the Missouri River but only a few small climbs.
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Trail Directions
Take I-29 to the McCook Lake exit (about 5 miles North of Sioux City, IA). Go west through past the lake homes for about 1.5 miles. At the "Adams Nature Preserve" sign, take a left and you will be guided to the preserve entrance (about a 1/4 mile).
Trail Length
10 miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Fire Roads
McCook Lake

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Review Date
April 21, 2001

Overall Rating
 4 of 5

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Since this trail consists of crushed rock and is farily flat, you could easily do this trail with any type of recreational bike. However, this trail is a hidden gem. It loops through huge stands of cottonwoods and praire grass and offers scenic views of the Missouri River. It's a fun trail to ride fast and a great ride for the entire family (my 7 yr. old daughter loves it). If you watch carefully you will see much wildlife (deer, turkey, waterfowl and ocassionally bald-eagles). Although this is not a technically demanding trail (it's eastern So. Dakota remember), I highly recommend interstate travlers stop by and check it out. It is hardly used and Sioux City, IA is only about 5 miles to the South. I gave it a great rating because we don't have too many trails around here and I love the area. Summary:
The trail is flat, fast and full of curves.
It winds through beautiful river bottoms.
You will rarely see other users (except on weekends).
The fall colors are spectacular.

Recommended Route:
This trail is only about 2 miles off of I-29. Take I-29 to the McCook Lake exit. Go east for about 1 mile and take a left at the Adams Preserve sign. This takes you right to the parking area.

Other recommended trails in the same area:
Ponco State Park in Ponca, NE (aprx. 27 miles).

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)