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Carrs Pond

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Sandy, rocky fire road to and around the perimeter of Carrs Pond. Also, several single track off-shoots around the pond and heading into the Big River area.
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Trail Directions
From Route 2 in East Greenwich, follow either Division Road or Frenchtown Road north until you reach Carrs Pond Road. At the intersection of Carrs Pond & Middle Road, you will see the entrance. There is no parking there. Your best bet is to turn down on middle road and to park by the curb in that first development on the right. You are less likely to get ticketed, but no guarantees. There is also some parking near the small bridge on Hopkins Hill Road on the opposite side of the ponds.
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Singletrack & Fire Roads
East Greenwich
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April 29, 2003

Overall Rating
 4 of 5

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Once a week

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Reviewed by: andrew , from east greenwich (now virginia)

Trail begins where Carrs Pond Road meets the top of Middle Road. You will need to go around the gate and begin on the sandy access road. Keep your eyes open as there are single-track entrances to the left and right on the way down. You can hop on any of these (i recommend the one to the left just before the access road bends left) as they will ultimately lead you to the fire road that loops the pond. You can lap the pond (seems like 1.5 miles maybe?) once or twice, but the real fun is in the single track that lies around the fringes. There are far too many off-shoots to explain. I usually take the long way around, but if you follow the intital access road to the fire road around the pond, head to the right. there is an off-shoot about 100 yards down after the trail breaks left (you will notice a somewhat rocky clearing and see the path over to the right).. follow that straight until you come to the first left.. you will climb (or most likely walk your bike) up a narrow, very rocky hill. after this, there are a few possibilities. taking the first trail that heads left will send you up a big rock... that trail will follow mostly around the perimeter of the pond, just above the fire roads. you will see the remains of what appears to have been an old house. instead of making that first left, if you go a bit further back, taking the next left branch off the track, you can follow that through some windy hills and valleys and ultimately arrive at a pond crossing made of thin logs and some old tires.. the other side will be a nice valley of mostly pines. if you climb up the hill near where you can hear cars going by, this will dump you on the road behind the pond.. Hopkins Hill Road. if you make a left onto the road and ride over that tiny little bridge, as you start to climb the hill on the road, you will see some rocks and a trail entrance on the left. you can follow that all the way back to the Carrs Pond fire road. *** I've tried to be as specific as possible. For me, most of the fun has been getting out there and riding and finding new trails.. it's pretty hard to get lost. You are pretty much surrounded by Division Road, Carrs Pond Road, and Hopkins Hill Road. Still, if you are unsure or have a poor sense of direction, ride with a partner. I used to ride this several times a week before I moved out of state. I try to ride it every time I visit. One time I was riding on a weekend and a military helicopter was practicing maneuvers over the pond. It's usually never crowded, particularly the single-track runs.

Recommended Route:
see trail description above.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)