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Water Gap Trail

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Very fast(kamikazee style) Lot of rocks and very fast little sections where you hit a nice little pop up rock and your going so fast your going like 30 feet in distance( oh yeah not for the ordinary bike rider) Heres a little list of what you need to prepare you for the gap ride.(Balls, a good DH bike,cellphone(911)and last but not least a good Insurance company.OH YEAH WATCH FOR HIKERS.JUST BE COOL WITH THEM AND ITS ALL GOOD IF THEY GET PISSED JUST STRAP YOUR HELMET AND ROLL CAUSE THEY AINT CATCHIN YA.
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Trail Directions
get off 80 in stroudsburg and look for 191 south take that(up over the mountain)take that till you see poplar valley rd. make left and another left and look for totts gap rd. take that till the end youll see a gate just park there and start to hike.just follow that all the way to the end
Trail Length
2 miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Fire Roads
Delaware water gap

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