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Uwchlan Woods

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This is a somewhat short trail that goes between the Struble Trail and the Uwchlan Trail. It is single track that is not well worn. It starts about a mile south of Downlin Forge Road on the paved Struble Trail. You will see a paved path intersect the Struble trail that goes up to a housing development. Just to the left of this path, you will see a tree with White paint marking the trail entrance. The initial start is a hike up a steep ridge. From that point on, the trail is ridable and of moderate difficulty. Follow the white markers on the trees. There are a couple spots where Red markers on trees have go arounds for trail blockages. At one point the White trial and Red Trail fork, follow the Red trail. The Red trail does a switchback back and forth down a hill and meets the white trail again at the end. The trail end is on the paved Uwchlan Trail just above Jones Pond. In particular there is a plaque that identifies a "charcoal pit" where the trail meets the Uwchaln trail.

Not a destination ride. But if you want to add a bit of single track to a struble trail ride. Or you can ride the struble trail up to Marsh Creek and tack this on as an extra loop.

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