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this trail is very technical. awesome climbs and super technical downhills. short loop but many trails intersect to make a nice run for an hour. many rock few hidden planks with big drop offs on other side. and many fine women up on the campus . if you need back up water there is a track for running w/ an outdoor water fountain ,enjoy . its a great traing ride like i said steep climbs
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from north take 476 s to exit 2 springfield . at bottom turn leeft on ramp and follow to signs for for 320 make right and follow for about a mile . go under train bridge and make left rite after. almost like a u-turn school behind you . trail heads everywhere behind any building. 320 south is where the school is (swarthmore college}
Trail Length
about a mile loop
Trail Level
Trail Type
deleware county
Zip/Postal Code
united states

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