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Swamp Creek

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This is pretty much a locals only trail, not because anyone makes it that way but just because it is in the middle of nowhere(Grebe Road). For about 2 miles, the stream runs along a bank that is pretty steep and goes about 300 vertical feet until you see the road. All the trails are old horse trails that lead down the bank and along the stream, some really steep, others traverse the hill. I''ve built jumps along a lot of it and I have a shovel and machete stashed there. If you''re lucky you will see this really old ram with a huge rack that strolls along the stream, I''ve seen it once in twenty something years of riding here. but it''s always in the area. ***DANGER: I''M VERY CAUTIOUS ABOUT RIDING HERE DURING HUNTING SEASON, IF YOU DO THEN WEAR ORANGE***
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Go along Grebe road, look down the bank and that's swamp creek, the trails mostly all start at the road, if you ride along it you can see the trailheads. This trail is about a 15-20 minute bike ride from the Perkiomen Trail. There are no parks set up nearby, it's just land along Swamp Creek that no one really owns except the township. The best place to park is either at the swamp pike pub, cross swamp pike and go for about a mile, on faust/grebe, you'll start to see the land drop off to the left. Either that or at the intersection of Grebe and Neiffer. There is a pull-in that hunters and fisherman use.
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