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Rattle Creek (Bridge Trail)

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This trail has 5 bridges (1 22' 1 33' footer) with two build with pressure treated lumber similiar to a deck for a house. The two trail heads (doc smith and rattle creek join at the "Y" intersection). Doc smith had a water wheel house at the creek, so you'll see remainings of the old wall where wheel was placed. The remains of the old house foundation will be found half way down the hill, on the left to the creek. The other 3 bridges are build from natural lumber and have some nice easy ramps to crouse gullies. This trail has a few sweet fast swoping singletrack (some riders refer to it swoosh swoosh, because your turning right and left real fast to ride through the section) and some easy climbing. Maybe about 100 feet of climbing the whole trail, but does have some nice bench cut banks. Only a few rock sections and stay on the trail. We have about two rattlesnake dens and in hot summer "Jake" can be found on the trail, usually in the two rocky sunny areas.
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Trail Directions
This trail is located in Weiser State Forest. There are about four different directions to come into this forest, so either look at a PA map or go to the RCST website and get some detailed directions. If you're driving from Lykens up the hardtop road, pass the twon park and water shed, take the first dirt road on the right side. Continue on Lukes Road and about 1 mile down the road on the right, you'll see s sign saying "Doc Smith" trail. Go down the Doc Smith trail about .2 miles and the trail starts on the left at Y intersection.
Trail Length
4.0 miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Weiser State forest
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December 26, 2003

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 5 of 5

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Once a week

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Reviewed by: pa rider ,  Cross Country Rider , from mechanicsburg

There is a posting of RATTLECREEK trail, but this one is the finish trail, since 2000. They didn't have any bridges on the trail when the original post was made (we build the bridges in 2001). We also done alot of more bench cutting since that time. The trail drains well except for the underground spring in the one section. Riding the top section fast is a blast and dropping down the rock ledges to the bridges are a blast. Compares better than any of the trails up jim thorpe. This trail is one you shouldn't miss riding if you get up here.

Recommended Route:
Riding from the matter trail or preserve trail direction is the best direction. You ride from the top of white oak road down preserve trail through yellow gait and at + take right down hill (dry run trail). Half way down dry run you see the trail on left (up 3' on top of bank with sign in middle of trail).

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Fawn kill and doc smith.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)