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North Mountain

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This trail criss-crosses part of SGL #57. Mostly twisty rocky singletrack with some dirt roads. Recommend you go with someone who knows the way...not a good place to get lost as there is no cell reception here and you are really out in the boonies. Take plenty of food/water...there is over 2000 ft of elevation gain on this ride. From the trailhead dirt road, bear left onto dirt road blocked by gate near the pond outlet. Follow dirt road to the right and then turn right into the second open "feed & cover" grass field you will see on the right. At the back of this grass field you will find a singletrack leading to great views of Mountain Springs Lake. Follow singletrack downhill until it dumps you out onto the dirt road. Turn left on dirt road and follow until you see dirt road bang a hard right. Go straight here where it dead ends and you will find singletrack going up to the right. Follow old narrow-gauge railroad bed to top o''the mountain and continue with singletruack to the right up and along the top. After particularly nasty rock garden look to turn left at the rock cairn and follow singletrack until screaming downhill again dumps you out on dirt road. From here, you can turn right and follow dirt road uphill back to your vehicle. There is some more singletrack to be found, but it is rather hard to find, e-mail me for more info.
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From Rt. 118 in Red Rock, take 487 N past Ricketts Glen State Park and Red Rock Job Corps. SGL 57 dirt entrance road on right. Follow for approx. 1.5 miles. A bit after rickety wood bridge, you will see parking on left near pond. Recommend you get SGL 57 map and take compass (not kidding)
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13 Miles
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Red Rock
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