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Michaux State Forest West Slope

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This is awesome loop with real nice dirt and not many rocks. It has nice long climbs and long decents with rock ledges to get some air. Most of these trails are in Pine Trees so the dirt is soft and smooth. There are roots and some rocks but overall it is AWESOME!!! Start at perking lot (See below) Go up little hill into the woods and stay to the right. Follow for a little while and you will go down nice hill. At bottom follow trails to the left. You will come to a bridge over a stream. Cross bridge and go right. It will lead you to some very technical up hill. The up hill will end with a hard climb up some S turns. At the top of this go left. (This is also where the above trial will bring you. If you stay right) After taking the left follow this single track to you hit a road "Woodrow Road." It''s a good climb up Woodrow Road till you get to a big right turn in the road, and look for trailhead on left. Head into the woods right there. (Ignore any signs you might see, but there were none when we went) This Single Track is BADASS and isn''t ridden much cause its hidden. This will take you along the ridge for a long time. It will dump you in an opening. Take a left down the grassy road. This DH is FAST and it turns back into ST quickly. This will snake its way down the ridge and dump you on another grassy road. Take this till you hit a dirt road. (Woodrow Road again) take a left and go like 200 yards. You''ll see a trial on your right. Take this and it will bring you back to the same bridge on the stream. Cross bridge and head right. Follow this and it will bring you back to the parking lot.
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Trailhead is on 233, about 1 mile SOUTH of entrance of Pine Grove Furnace State Park. Drive south on 233 and look for parking lot on right side of road. Its big you cant miss it. Trailhead is right there at the top of a nice step up and step down jump. I hit it both ways :-)
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15-20 Miles
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