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Michaux State Forest - Flat Rock

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I took "Directions to Trailhead and Trail Description" from Bigfoot's trail description. Thanks. I only wanted to put a listing as "Michaux State Forest..." as I want people, MTBers, to notice this trail. ITS HOLDS THE ROUGHEST X-COUNTRY RACE COURSE AROUND!!! So if you don't like rocks, more rocks, roots, and more rocks then you won't like this place. I didn't mention mud, as this place seems to drain well (I've raced at Pine Grove Furnace twice, both times in the rain).
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Trail Directions
Get Flat Rock map from forestry service on Rte 30 before Caladonia Park turn. Gettysburg Bicycle may provide maps and even high-light the race course! Northwest of Gettysburg Take route 234 Right on Wenksville Rd at Conewgo Campround and Left onto Ardentsville-Shippensburg Rd. Follow signs for Shippensburg. Park at Big Flat ATV Parking lot near (1/4 mile East) of Appalachian Trail and at the top of ther Mountain Near Intersection of Rt 233 and Ardentsville-Shippensburg Road Trail Description: Single track through a Pine and mountain laurel and oak forest. Horses use this trail. No ATV's It is narrow. There are place you ride through trees! Pretty rocky and lots of turns. Follow Red Blaze at the far south west corner of parking lot to ride clockwise (best route). Takes about two hours to reach Long Pine Run Reseviour You can ride back on a gradual up hill dirt road Birch Run Road with beautiful clear mountain stream beside it. Or you can follow other trails along the powerline A bigfoot sighting was reported her last year. Be careful. The trail crossings are marked with a numbered sequench You can obtain a good map from the State Forest headquarters near Chambersburg Phone 717 352-2211 or Write to Michaux State Forest 10099 Lincoln Way East Fayetteville PA 17222-9609 Ask for Map of Flat Rock Shared Use Trail
Trail Length
20+ Miles
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Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads

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