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Kamakazi Krossing

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Let me make this as clear as possible "RIDE AT OWN RISK." This trail is very dangerous but worth it if you like a good rush. This trail runs parallel to I95 highway, and as you might have guessed crosses many a times. Trail is mostly in the woods but you'll occationally find the trail merge into the freeway and then cross to the center grass median and then cross again to the other side. I ride this trail very very very rarely...I already used 5 of my 9 lives.
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Trail Directions
Take Rt 332 to the Langhorn Shopping Centre with Caldor and Home Depot and the 4 way traffic light infront of the Big & Tall make a right going east. Look toward your left for an Arby's Roast Beef Sandwhich and take the next left by the Newtown Athletic Club. Go straight until you reach the nwtown Post Office, continue straight for 3 miles you'll pass Rice's Flee Market. Ok, next you'll have to veer right onto River Road by Hechinger and they'll be an old Getty Gas station and repair shop. You can park in the empty lot next to the gas station, and ride behind the station through the very clear trail in the woods.
Trail Length
roughly 54 miles
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