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Green Loop

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A great loop for beginning riders to get into singletrack riding and experience some small trees to ride over and light rock sections while still keeping everything managable. The trail mixes some nice fire roads in while trying to promote the mountain bike experience and get the rider involved in the sport.
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Trail Directions
Located at Seven Springs Mountain Resort in Western PA there are 2 ways to access the resort. Coming from the West take the PA turnpike to Donegal Exit 91 (Old Exit 9). Turn left from the turnpike plaza on 711/31. Approx. 2 miles turn Right on 711 at Sarnellis Market. At the fourway stop at Star Market make a Left hand turn and it's approx. 8 miles to Seven Springs.
Trail Length
3.8 miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads
Seven Springs
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