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Davis Trail

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This is a trail that I ride for training. The park overall has something for everyone. Paved roads, unfinished trails and now finished trails. The primary off-road trail is the Davis trail. This has been recently (spring 2004) cleaned and opened. It is only about 1 mile long, but provides some good intermediate to advanced challenges. This is a great spot for a quick ride. You can get on and off I-81 in 5 minutes. There are great scenic views of Nay Aug Falls and even some illegal swimming holes (they are only illegal if you get caught). In the park there are paved roads, great for kids. Great place for kids to learn to ride. There is also a wildlife refuge center, pool & Water Slide , museum, kiddie, multiple playgrounds, rides and lots of entertainment (bands, etc) on the weekends. There are trails all over, not many are marked at this time, but it is impossible to get lost.
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Trail Directions
Exit 184 off I-81 (North) Take Left at end of ramp(river st). Take right at 1st intersection (meadow ave). Take left at 1st light (moosic st). Take right at 1st light (harrison ave) Exit 184 off I-81 (South) Take right at end of ramp. Take right at 2nd light (harrison ave) Once you go over the Harrison Ave Bridge take the 1st right (roslyn ave). Follow this for 3 blocks. Road will turn to the left. Take the first right. Just past the old greenhouse is the entrance to the Davis Trail. You can continue on this road for 2 more blocks where you will run into parking lots park anyplace.
Trail Length
1 - 3 miles
Trail Level
Trails for all skill levels
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Singletrack & Fire Roads
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